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Services - Dean Chandler

The majority of this work is related to the roofing work that we do. We provide coping flashings, wall and glazing flashings, mechanical or electrical equipment flashings, scuppers and downpipes and any other associated with roofing. All of this work is field measured and custom fabricated in our shop. We also provide custom metal roof systems, standing seam, flat seam or batten seam fabricated from copper, zinc, aluminum or steel. This work is also site measured and fabricated in our shop.

New Roof

Dean-Chandler has been involved in new construction since 1924. We have installed roofs on everything from a low rise warehouse to a multi terraced condominium to a high rise office tower. contact

Roof Replacement

Dean-Chandler has been replacing roofs in the GTA since 1924. Removing and replacing roofs in theatres such as a working Pearson International Airport or a major Toronto hospital is work we have done very successfully. We have completed many downtown, high rise applications where height and access are major considerations. contact

Roof Repairs

Dean-Chandler can provide a scheduled maintenance service or a one time maintenance call. We can provide a service crew to repair a leak or install a roof penetration into an existing roof. We have 24hour, 7 days a week live voice emergency leak repair anywhere in the GTA. contact